Our story

DHD Ventures has continued to prosper in a constantly changing market by identifying unique opportunities and developing detailed plans that cover every stage of a project.


Founded by Jason Teller and Thomas Masaschi with headquarters in New York and North Carolina, DHD Ventures has established itself as a successful real estate investment, development, and management company with a dedication to professionalism and a mission to raise the industry’s standards by exceeding expectations for every project.

After years of cultivating a broad reach and comprehensive understanding of commercial and residential real estate development and property management, DHD Ventures consistently demonstrates their ability to identify unique opportunities and plans to continue to build, develop, and manage projects in spite of ever-changing market conditions.


  • Strong reputation and longstanding professional relationships
  • Meticulous attention to detail for the entirety of each project
  • Diverse team of professionals with decades of experience
  • Proven track record in creating and executing fully developed strategies


DHD Ventures has built, and still maintains, an honorable reputation on transparent, solid relationships with investors and affiliates by consistently surpassing goals and maintaining the company’s high standards. Each project requires thorough research, deliberate planning, and successful implementation by an experienced team of professionals.

By designing and implementing innovative solutions for all facets of the real estate industry, DHD Ventures has developed a wide array of skills and experience that has proven essential in creating and executing successful strategies in an ever-changing market.